Talent, passion & creativity

It’s what represents the members of Team DA7OS DA7OS is formed by multidisciplinary areas that are responsible of creating and programming digital content for multiple platforms. Flexibility and creative freedom is the key of our team members to accomplish the goals in every project designated.

Meet the Creative Team

Each member is a key point for achieving our short and long term goals.

Jaime Alvarez CEO & Founder

Stephanie Mojica Project leader

Daniela Del Valle Creative Director

Aura Hernández Illustrator & Designer

David Rodríguez Software Developer

Zahid Concha Software Developer

Creative Process

We create a study and analysis for each project in order to define the steps for its development.


This phase is aimed at meeting the challenges that our efforts are directed towards.


There are scopes, improvement opportunities, and objectives of the current state to the expected state.


Creative team and specialists generate ideas and proposals to meet the expectations raised.


Create versions of the product or service where the ideas that came from the previous phase are applied.


Based on the users ' experience with the final prototypes, the success of the goals set at the beginning of the creative process is assessed.

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